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Our coaching and training team are certified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to exercise or martial arts we have the team to assist you in obtaining the results you are looking for.
  • Testimonial

    Paul Jalbert


    About Paul Jalbert

    Jalbert’s love for MMA began at the early age of 14 when he was introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu after returning to Canada from years of living abroad in Belgium. Despite having some interest in more common sports such as basketball, Jalbert quickly realized how perfect his body type was for the art of BJJ and fell heavily addicted. He has been fighting professionally in the sport of MMA since 2012 and teaching at Burlington Training Centre for the last year. Despite BJJ being Jalbert’s first love, he is multi-faceted and also teaches Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA.
  • Testimonial

    Serhiy Sidey


    About Serhiy Sidey

    Serhiy’s martial arts journey is one that he hopes will translate into his future aspirations in the criminal justice sector. Serhiy not only juggles his commitment to school, but also his commitment to the sport of MMA, something he has a strong passion for. The exciting local talent is beginning to carve out his mixed martial arts career on the amateur scene, with one of his best performances coming at ACE Fighting Championships in a stunning unanimous decision. Since his life revolves around constant practice and detail, you’ll be sure to learn all the essential techniques to make you a better striker from Serhiy.

  • Testimonial

    Nick Zablocki


    About Nick Zablocki

    Nick Zablocki has been training, competing and coaching wrestling for years. He first fell in love with the sport in highschool and has never looked back. Wrestling is one of the fundamental components of mixed martial arts and Nick brings with him a wealth of practical and hands on experience to the mats. Blessed with the ability to break things down into their most fundamental components, as well as a keen eye for detail, Nick has found fulfillment in coaching kids, teenagers and adults of all levels of experience and athletic ability. He has coached and competed at the highschool level, varsity level, nationally and internationally and now brings his wealth of experience to BTC.
  • Testimonial

    Jessie Wilcox


    About Jessie Wilcox

    For Jessie Wilcox and his siblings, Boxing is ingrained in the family’s fabric. Wilcox is a part of a crop of five brothers who are former and current Canadian Amateur Boxing Champions. He also highly endorses his sister who he believes will be a future Champion one day as well. But for the BTC Head Coach, the sport of Boxing is something he takes very seriously and that’s proven in his career to date. Wilcox has been a Canadian national team member for four years, he attended the Pan American Trials in 2011 and has represented the wonderful colors of Red and White in Ireland, Wales, Scotland,  England, Ecuador, Panama ,Venezuela, Cuba  and a variety of cities in the U.S.  His boxing career outside of the international scene has seen him scrap out a whopping 160 amateur fights (105 victories, 5 loses) and a record of 2-0 a professional with one K.O.
  • Testimonial

    Adam Assenza


    About Adam Assenza

    As BTC’s fitness director Adam is a huge part of the inner workings of all fitness related programs at the gym and takes pride in the fact that he not is only a strength and conditioning coach and physical therapist, but also a full-time mixed martial artist. Adam began his professional career in 2011 boasting an arsenal of explosive and exciting characteristics. His attributes in the cage can also be credited to his long and competitive gymnastics background. He is passionate about martial arts; his clients’ success and making even the beginners feel like athletes.



Our classes are designed to challenge you while having fun learning new techniques and skills. Whether you are brand new to exercise or martial arts, our coaches will make you feel welcomed and guide you in reaching your health and wellness goals.
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    "Outstanding facility, and even better staff. If you're looking for a great spot to train, then look no further."

  • Chris W


    "Best Gym in Burlington. Great for Strongman Training."

  • Lana R


    "Great place to be, BTC staff and coaches are amazing. Would strongly recommend to join this gym! "

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