If you are looking for something for your child to do on their next school holiday, look no further! It is our pleasure to offer you child minding services that will challenge your child(ren) both mentally and physically!


Our experienced instructors provide the right mix between learning, instruction and fun.


Character building skills including:


Fighters are some of the most confident athletes in the world. It comes from their commitment to training, learning and always analyzing improving. Learning Martial Arts in any form can offer a major dose of positivity to ones self-confidence.


Martial Arts is not an easy sport by any and that’s why in order to succeed it in, you must be self-disciplined. This trait comes to the forefront almost immediately when training Martial Arts and that’s why it is so beneficial for people of all ages, especially developing kids!


Good Sportsmanship comes from recognizing triumphs and failures and always knowing there is a place for improvement. Working alongside a variety of skill sets teaches one to respect the process, their training partners and themselves along the way.


It takes a lot of energy to get through a touch, technique based Martial Arts class and without the use of focus, it makes the hour seem much longer than it really is. With commitment and consistency, this becomes natural and will eventually translate into everyday life.


Working alongside a wide range of students can be difficult if the atmosphere isn’t a positive one. That’s why respecting others, their process and your own is just as much important as getting the technique right. Sustaining kindness, patience and good manners makes this process even easier.

Activities Include:

  • 3 hours of instructional class each day
  • activities to encourage teamwork
  • special entertainment and/or outings
  • active games indoor & outdoor
  • skating 3 times per week
  • pizza party friday

Camp Specifics:

  • ages 5 and up
  • drop off @8am
  • activities from 9am – 4pm
  • late pick available until 5pm
  • participants to bring own lunch, water, sunscreen and change of clothes
  • must have a hockey helmet and skates

proud to partner with:

BTC is very fortunate to have great neighbours over at Centre Ice! Campers enjoy the benefit of a change in scenery by heading next door for some free skate time with the qualified instructors at Centre Ice. **all campers must have their own skates and helmet with a face cage**



Call: 905-637-0531

Visit: 5041 Fairview Street, Burlington