Sometimes you just want to grab your headphones and get your fitness on. BTC provides everything you need from sate of the art cardio machines to a generous collection of Hammer Strength equipment with the added bonus of fully stocked martial arts department. You can also work on your sport specific training using a variety of modalities including hurdles, TRX, sleds, plyo boxes, battle ropes and more. Members are more than welcome and encouraged to use all areas of the facility.

Our schedule of Group Fitness classes extends far past the average pre-choreographed experience. Welcoming participants from beginners to advanced, our coaches are all highly skilled and will recognize your need for some extra guidance or for more of a challenge. Offering a variety of skill building workouts that challenge your cardio and build muscle, our main focus is for all participants to build strong foundations for a healthy, functional and active lifestyle.

Strength & Movement

This unique class focuses on functional strength training.  Not only will you be stronger and faster in your sport, but the benefits will transfer into your everyday life.  The goal is quality movement and strength, increasing range of motion, mobility and flexibility.  Classes combine dynamic warm ups, strength training including push/pull combos as well as intervals of cardio.

Turbo Bag Cardio

Turbo Bag Cardio is a very unique class at BTC because it offers students a glimpse into the intense cardio conditioning of an MMA fighter, while at the same time reaping the rewards of technique. This class is mainly executed on the heavy bags while students integrate Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai techniques. Students will also practice conditioning exercises and abdominal work in order to compliment the work they have already done on the heavy bags. Let’s just say, students should be ready to sweat.



What students will experience in our unique Bootcamp class is a mixture of the classic stylings of strength and conditioning but also a class which is ultimately inspired by the work done by MMA athletes. Our instructors are well tailored in their knowledge of modern fitness techniques which helps to enable them to modify any movement needed for all levels of fitness. This class includes cardio work, strength work, sports specific methods and much more. Because BTC’s facility is well stocked with a variety of different equipment, students can expect to use a multitude of apparatus throughout the class including medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, power bands and much more.

Target Muscle Training

Weight training in a class setting!  Using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises, each class will be designated to a particular muscle group or area of the body.  Participants will enjoy building and toning muscles with the effects of class lasting long after the hour is done.

Tissue Repair 101

Stretching tends to be an underrated aspect in most people’s training plan, yet the benefits are endless. Besides the obvious benefit of increased flexibility, stretching is also known to: improves posture, promotes muscle growth, prevents injury, decreases stress, aids in weight loss, promotes joint health, improves sleep. Stretching is also a great tool for increasing circulation and aids in active recovery after a tough training session.

In Tissue Repair 101 you will be guided through a series of stretches that will improve both your day to day activities as well as your athletic performance.


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