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A regular gym workout vs an athletic, sport specific, team workout could mean the difference in taking your team to the next level. BTC coaches focus on properly designed programs which meet the specific needs of athletes during their off-season training. We understand that it is important to recognize that movement patterns are specific to the demands of each sport and your program should reflect this. 


All programs begin by building a solid foundation, followed by a systematic progression that incorporates 5 key training elements: 



Considered to be the foundation of your movement, flexibility and mobility are what allow you to move with ease and prevents injury. Performance can be significantly improved on both a muscular & mental level, making it a priority in athletic training.



To ensure that athletes are incorporating necessary movements in their game, it is important to be balanced. Stabilization & proprioception training are key factors in helping to move efficiently, making better use of your overall training.



Strength training enhances athletic performance. One athlete may be looking to build mass, while another is focused on neuromuscular adaptation, the end result is that both are training their muscles to fire (coordinate) efficiently, which results in more power.



Maintaining body control as you accelerate, decelerate, change direction without a reduction in speed is essential for most athletes. Agility training focuses on your ability to coordinate movement of multiple sport specific tasks in a short period of time.



When athletes include endurance training into their programs, they are ensuring that their heart, lungs and muscles are all functioning at a high level of efficiency. This is turn will help to maintain focus on the game or event, rather than distracted by fatigue.


Adam Assenza

Adam Assenza

Head Coach

Adam Assenza is one of the Halton areas most well known professional fighters and has been pursuing a career in mixed martial arts since 2010. As BTC’s Fitness Director, Assenza is the focal point in all the fitness design seen throughout the gym including personal training, group training classes and team training. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach and athletic therapist but also a full-time MMA fighter. As a fitness professional he owns his FLMP, CSEP, CPTN, CSCS and for therapy he own his AT, FST, A.R.T and STR.


All sessions are 60 minutes in length, 20 player maximum, 10 players plus will have 2 coaches per session. 

*prices subject to change*


Introductory Package
  • We look to build good habits with the athletes in all avenues of fitness. Our focus is educating the players on how important mobility and stretching is, in the gym we try to keep the athletes as balanced as possible which in turn will increase their athleticism.


Save 10%
  • This package builds on the previous focus which is mobility and stability but we get more in depth into structural balance and making sure the kids are progressing properly mechanically. We also get into more strength training and agility.

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