BTC is unique in our approach to BJJ because we believe that all ages, shapes and levels are capable of training martial arts successfully. Under the guidance of our world-class coach Paul Jalbert our young BJJ practitioners will be introduced to the fundamentals of BJJ in order to better them for their further practice in the future. This program teaches disciplines, focus, patience, self-confidence and myriad of other positive benefits mentally and physically for kids. But it isn’t all serious! There’s fun drills and games as well to sprinkle on top of the detailed work done on the mats! This class encompasses a wide range of age groups, but is strategically split and run by Coach Paul in order to cater to different levels and ages.


Kickboxing is one of the most well rounded forms of striking in martial arts. It is also a great transitional sport for former Taekwondo or Karate takers. Kickboxing is dynamic, physically demanding and a great cardio experience for all levels and ages. In BTC’s kickboxing program, kids are introduced to this magnificent form of striking through footwork, pad work, partner work and tons of technical instruction. This gives them a great basis for the fundamentals to guide them to continuous recreational practice of even competitive practice!


BTC’s Kid’s Wrestling is one of the only programs in Burlington offering a comprehensive, detailed and technical approach to wrestling for a younger audience. Kids will be introduced to the fundamentals of wrestling by a broken down approach to help them develop their arsenal to assist with other grappling sports such as BJJ. But wrestling is definitely a stand alone sport, one that asks its practitioner for focus, and physical awareness. All of this is presented to kids with fun drills, games and lots of learning!


In Kid’s Boxing our instructors teach the basics including correct stance, standard punching combinations, and essential defensive/offensive techniques.  Correct foot and hand placement, basic footwork and combinations, and how to move in the ring while throwing punches is also an essential part of coaching.  Strategy training is incorporated, and proven conditioning methods to keep you fit to fight at all times.


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